Well Pumps

The Grundfos JP line of self-priming centrifugal jet pumps are designed for all well applications . JP pumps provide excellent suction capacity. Motors are Totally Enclosed and Fan Cooled (TEFC) for quiet operation and superior protection in harsh environments. A full range of motor horsepower is offered from 1/2HP to 3HP. 1/2HP through 1HP are dual voltage (115/230V) and 1 1/2HP through 3HP are single voltage (230V).

Features and benefits

  • Rugged cast iron or stainless steel construction end suction, top discharge arrangement
  • Technopolymer impeller
  • Built-in ejector complete with clean-out port to clear blockages from nozzle
  • Convenient priming plug for ease of priming and air elimination
  • Ceramic-carbon bellows mechanical seal ensures trouble-free operation
  • High-quality pressure switch

Working with pressure tanks is a job for water systems and plumbing and heating professionals. They can find the system that will work best for your house and make sure it's installed safely and correctly so it will provide many years of service.



100% High-grade Stainless Steel Rugged stainless steel construction inside and out resists corrosion. Designed to flush abrasive particles from the pump, and made from stainless steel to resist wear caused by abrasives.

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Kinetico KUV

Grundfos manufactures its own line of quality submersible motors in a broad variety of sizes. With the same stainless steel construction and quality design as our pumps, Grundfos can provide the complete solution for your submersible pumping needs.

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