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Kinetico Drinking Water System Plus Deluxe
Kinetico offers two Reverse Osmosis Plus Deluxe to choose from:
1. Drinking Water System Plus GX Deluxe.  For superior contaminant reduction.  This is our most popular unit.
2. Drinking Water System Plus VX Deluxe.  Superior contaminant reduction with additional Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) reduction capabilities.
A Kinetico Plus Deluxe R.O. offers you benefits that others simply can't:
High capacity membrane.
PureMometer Filter Life Indicator.  Shows how much filter life remains before the cartridge needs to be replaced.
MacGuard Filter.  Automatically shuts down unit when filter cartridge has reached its capacity.  You never have to guess when the filters need replacement.
EverClean Rinse.  Membrane cleans itself with purified water. This extends the membrane and ensures high quality water.
Optional QuickFlo tank.  Improves water pressure coming out of your R.O. faucet.
Up to 7 year warranty on membrane.
Third party NSF and WQA certifications.
Optional designer lead free faucets.
If you are interested in a Kinetico R.O. Plus Deluxe, or want to receive more information please contact us.
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